May The Force Be With You !

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on his official Tour in the U.S. A very special occasion is taking place in the U.S and India alike because Narendra Modi was banned from coming to the U.S. due to his involvement during the Gujarat Riots of 2002. Then he was just a Chief Minister, but now he […]

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Book Review- The White Tiger (2008)

Well, for Review terminal, I am going to review a Book, which has gained critical acclaim from all over the world, The White Tiger (2008) written by Aravind Adiga. Totally exposing the Common man’s lifestyle in the Indian Metropolitan diaspora of New Delhi, the White Tiger is the Debut work of Adiga.This Book is written […]

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Facts – Human Brain

We use our Brain every day, so let’s have some Fun Facts on the Brain–  1. Your Brain is more active when you are asleep (now I undertand why sleep is Important)  2. Your Brain doesn’t has any Pain Receptors, it can’t feel anything.  3. There are over 100,000 miles of axons in our Brain, which can […]

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Retro Cartoons

I was born in 1999, so it is impossible to forget the TV cartoons which were telecasted at that time. I was born in the beginning of the Last Phase of that Magical Era. Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Oswald the Octopus, Looney Tunes, Bob the Builder and Pingu, were My […]

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Places Which Make India A Vibrant Country; India Stills

Today for a change, I have tried my luck in Travel. Hope you Like it….आप जो अभी देखने वाले हैं , वह भारत के वह दृष्य हैं जो भारत को एक रंगीन और खूबसूरत देश बनाती है।यह अनुच्छेद जो आप देखने वाले हैं , यह आपकी सफर  के लिए कहाँ जाएँ की प्रश्न की उत्तर दे […]

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