Agni Natchathiram (1988) "Sibling Rivalry to a whole new platform; PC Sreeram’s best movie"

Well ,in my previous post I told you that my blog will mostly consist of movie reviews and facts by me, I’m gonna start with Movie Reviews. I am going to review today a sinister cult classic in Tamil cinema, Agni Natchathiram (The Fiery Star) of 1988, directed by Mani Ratnam. It stars Prabhu Ganesan, Karthik Muthuraman, Vijayakumar, Amala & Nirosha.

The music is being handled by the great music director Ilaiyaraaja, and the cinematography is being handled by P.C.Sreeram. The Lyrics is penned by the Legendary Lyricist Vaali, whose magical words has put souls into the songs.

Synopsis-The Story is revolving around the Frictional Relationship between two half-brothers, Ashok (Karthik) and Gautam (Prabhu). They both have a common father, Vishwanath (Vijayakumar), an alcoholic bureaucrat, who doesn’t thinks that having two wives is not a matter of shame, but a privilege.
He is a good husband, but always tries to be a good father. Vishwanath’s First wife and mother (S.N.Lakshmi) react to this silently, but in a very sharp sort of manner.

They both can’t stand to see each other or to hear about their father’s second relationship. Ashok is a job-searcher, and a little roadside goon with his pals. Gautham becomes the Assistant Commissioner of Police, further sparking up the relationship.

Anitha (Nirosha) falls in love with Ashok. Gautam is loved by Anjali (Amala), his Senior Officer’s daughter, who keeps jeering Gautam about his father’s dual relationship, and denies to give he daughter’s hand for marriage keeping this point for salvation of her daughter’s life.

One set of scenes shows one of Ashok’s friend teasing Gautam, when he is roaming around with Anjali. Gautam arrests Ashok’s friend, which prompts Ashok to pelt his house, injuring Gautam;s mother (Sumitra). Gautam arrests Ashok in an epic scene, for which the cinematographer was applauded.

Both mothers unite for Ashok’s Bail, which shocks both Gautam and Ashok. Meanwhile, Vishwanath is appointed as a head of commission enquiring a bigshot named Chidambaram , who tries to bribe Vishwanath, but is every time denied by Vishwanath, due to which Chidambaram is prompted to assassinate him.

Ashok’s sister is peeved by goons arranged by Chidambaram, blackmailing her due to her father’s commission. She goes to the next coach and finds Gautam with Anjali. Gautam is enraged seeing her half sister being teased and confronts the goons. Gautam safely escorts her to Ashok’s home. Ashok thrashes him and throws him out of his house, witnessed by Vishwanath and Ashok’s Mother (Jayachitra).

Ashok and Gautam meet at a wedding function. A heated argument muted by the Censor Board shows that Ashok is enraged by something which Gautam said. They both fight at a stable, witnessed by Vishwanath. An enraged Vishwanath scolds them both in his office, and is met with an accident to a Truck, being driven by one of Chidambaram’s goons.

Vishwanath is seriously injured and goes into a coma. The truck driver soon gets arrested by Gautam. Chidambaram is threatened by both the brothers. Vishwanath regains his consciousness and asks for a promise by both brothers that they will safely accompany him to the commission the next day. Ashok and Gautam unite for their Father’s protection. Chidambaram’s goons attack, resulting in a superb action shot with on and off sort of lighting.

Next day, a bandaged Vishwanath is brought to the commission by Ashok and Gautam. Chidambaram is soon arrested by Gautam , the movie ending with Gautam and Ashok embracing each other. A comedy track is also present with Janagaraj and VK Ramaswamy, trying to escape from their wives and living their lives out.

Music- Raja Rajadhi Raja and Ninnukori Varnam were the major blockbusters of the music industry of that time. Vaali was appraised by the critics for his lyrics. Ilaiyaraaja has once again shown his magic with these songs.

Review- This movie is one of my favorites. The song’s choreography was superb. The lighting methods during the Songs are one of a kind. PC Sreeram’s breakthrough movie, we can say. Some shots are shown below which are my personal favorites.

Karthik’s Interview.

The Confrontation at the Wedding hall

The Promising Scene and The first Confrontation.

The Comedians Janagaraj and VK Ramaswamy

Raja Rajadhi Raja

The epic confrontation, with the superb Background Score.

The milestone of Cinematography.

The performances of every actor has been at its core. The film is a blockbuter but it lags whenever the couple scenes come. The next reviewed movie will be Dil Se (1998)

                                                                                                Ratings- 4/5.



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